An Amazing $500 Gift To A Struggling Employee Because She Is Always Cracking Jokes And Making People Smile

Daniel Fernadez gave Debi an amazing gift of $500, According to Daniel, Debi always ask people how they are, always cracking jokes and making people smile while giving people smiles

I Love what Daniel said to Debi when he gave her the Money, he said “Debbie every time I come in here you’re always smiling , everytime I come in here you ask me how I am. And so you deserve this because you are awesome and this is for you!”

Daniels acts of Kindness has inspired others as well to show love and compassion to the needy, look at a comment from a youtuber after watching

“Thank you for punching me right in my face man. This and your homeless aid videos just made me realise I was acting, no litterally being brutally mean to other people. I relised i was shutting myself off to the people in need. After watching several homeless aid videos from your channel, I did go out and gave all the cash in my wallet to every homeless I have encountered. 600+ bucks wasn’t a big deal for me but it made about 10 of them very very happy. Most importantly seeing their happiness in their eyes have changed everything for me in a permenantly better way. Thank you man for making this possible” Ariel Steinherz


Photo Credit: Screenshot