Compassionate Principal Buys $17k Worth Of Shoes For The Entire School, See How

A Southern Indiana School principal Nissa Ellet of Heth-Washington Elementary school conceived the idea SHOES FOR STUDENTS, she never knew the response would be so tremendous

She noticed that lots of her students did not have proper shoes, she set out to raise money so that all the children in the school would have a brand new pair of shoe.”Throughout the year we have repaired I can’t even tell you how many shoes,” said Ellett. In rural Harrison County, for some families, sometimes it is just hard to make ends met.

“Poverty has really hit our school because of the factories that have closed in the Corydon are over the last few years, our poverty rate has risen since I’ve been here from probably about 50 percent to 75 percent,” according to Ellett.

Within three to four days they had $3,300 another three to four days they were almost up tp $7,000, by shopping time it skyrocketed to $17,000



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