Cop Caught A Starving Mom For Stealing Eggs And What Happened Next Will Make You Cry

This Lady stole some eggs from the Dollar General and was caught by the shop owner who called  the police, when she told the officer the reason for stealing the eggs, not having money to feed her starving family, the officer was gripped with compassion and decided not to press charges against her because he realized how poor she was but warned her not to shoplift again.

When the officer visited the next day, he came with truck load of foods to help her and her family, the woman broke down to tears and hugged the police officer, a passer by was attracted to the scene and took pictures which was shared on social media, the pictures went viral and the viewers were touched by the story, another police officer was appointed to receive calls from donors all over the country. This story brought tears to my eyes.


Video Credit: VideoInspirational