Dog Saves Pregnant Owner From Gang At KnifePoint

Kasha Marie Weston, 24 received some unexpected armed visitors in her home in Kent, Gravesend. she was held at knife point and her partner brutally beaten, But thank God for her adopted dog.

Rocky, a Rottweiler burst through the door from the bathroom when he heard the commotion and scared the gang, the gang suddenly scampered into the thin air


Speaking about the attack, Kasha said:

Aryan and I were in bed, with Rocky fast asleep on the floor next to us. Suddenly, there was a loud banging on the front door.

Rocky shot straight out the room, barking madly. He wouldn’t calm down and we were worried he was going to wake the street, so we put him in the bathroom.

We opened the door gently and as we did a gang of four men burst through. They shouted, ‘Where’s the money?’. We didn’t know what they meant.

One of the hooded men grabbed me by the arm and held the knife to my throat.

Aryan grappled with the other three and I could hear Rocky going mad in the bathroom. I begged them to leave us alone I thought they were going to kill us.

But then Rocky crashed out the bathroom and came bounding over. He sprang to our defence and bared his teeth at the intruders.

They were terrified and ran out the front door but Rocky was hot on their heels.

Kasha said she followed her partner and Rocky as they chased the men down the street:

He was saying, ‘I’m sorry,’ and Rocky was growling. Aryan held onto him and the police arrived.

Who knew what would’ve happened if he hadn’t been there? Over the next few days, he didn’t leave my side.

He’d even tenderly nudge my bump with his nose. It was as if he was telling the baby not to worry either.


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