Identifying Bed Bugs And Keeping Them At Bay

Bed bugs can be a nightmare they can make your life miserable. There are so many insects out there that can infest your residence, but a bed bug infestations seem to be one of the worst ones.  We spoke with a few Chicago based bed bug experts who gave us a few precautionary measures that we can follow to keep the bed bugs away. As a resident of Chicago there are many bed bug treatment providers available that you can contact to help you get rid of them.  Here are a few guidelines to follow to inspect for bed bugs and to get rid of them if you do have them.


How To Locate Presence Of Bedbugs In Your Home

It is not that difficult to find bed bugs in you home. They are usually reddish-brown in color and very small in size. The adult bed bug is the same size as an apple seed. If you suspect that you may have bed bugs, then you will need to contact an exterminator right away. If you want to inspect for bed bugs yourself, here are some areas to look at:


  1. Bed bugs like to hide close to the host. They like to hide in places where they will not be disturbed. If your bed has a box spring then most likely you will find evidence under the box spring.
  2. If your bed has a headboard, then they could also hide in the cracks and crevices of the wood on the headboard. Bed bugs do like the texture of wood, especially when it has cracks.
  3. You should also inspect the mattress on all the seams.
  4. You can also find bed bugs on the couch, especially if someone sleeps on the couch. You want to remove the cushions and inspect in all the cracks and crevices.


How To Get Rid Of Bedbugs


  1. If you find bed bugs in your home, you can kill them by spraying them with alcohol. Remember only to spray when you see the bug.
  2. You can also vacuum any bed bugs or eggs that you find. Just make sure that you dispose of the vacuum bag once you are finished.
  3. You can purchase mattress and box spring encasements for your bedding. The encasements will not let bed bugs hide inside or on the seams. Once installed you will be able to see them easily when inspecting.
  4. Homeowners are usually unsuccessful n getting rid of bed bugs by themselves. You should contact bed bug experts who will easily get rid of them for you.

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