Soldier Watched His Wife Gave Birth To Their Daughter Via FaceTime While On Service,His Wife Had No Idea There Was Something Big In Store For Her


Sgt John Vorrath while on service in the Middle East watched his wife give birth to their daughter through FaceTime, After his commander saw how much he loved his family , he immediately granted him one week leave


sgt. vorrath homecoming - 1

Sgt Vorrath traveled for about 22 hours nonstop to get to the hospital where his family is currently staying, Meanwhile the wife had no idea there was a big surprise coming up for her.

When he arrived the hospital, he embraced his wife in her hospital room, he also saw the size of his baby,Charlotte and said “Oh My Gosh,Look At Her.She’s so small”

sgt. vorrath homecoming - 2

After a while his 2-year-old son appeared, the boy was stunned because he hasn’t seen his dad since he was deployed to the Middle East. The dad quickly called him and said “Come here,buddy! You’re so big, You’re so big” the boy quickly ran to his dad

sgt. vorrath homecoming - 3


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Images & Video Via:Chris Reif