How To Add More Value And Become More Influential

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In this episode of The Charged Life, high performance coach and #1 New York Times bestselling author Brendon Burchard discusses how to add value to the world and those you work with, and how to become more influential too.

This is Brendon speaking freestyle, recorded in one take without prompter or notes. Post your comments and questions for him below, and he might do an episode answering your question freestyle.


“Part of adding value is helping people reconnect with some emotional side of their lives. A lot of what we experience today in this world is so cheap and so commoditized and so technically driven, that it’s our job, if we want to add a lot of value, to bring back humanity, to bring back in the emotion, to bring back in the color, the flare, the joy, the vibrancy, the real hues of human emotion that are often missing from everything. If you bring that back in to everything that you’re contributing, you’ll go to a level of adding value that most people will never understand and people won’t just follow you because you’re the person who asks the best questions. People won’t just follow you because you’re the person who knows the most people. People will follow you because you’re an inspirer and a leader. Because they can see within you that you have true energy, true engagement, true human emotion with everything you’re contributing, and because of that they know that you’re somebody they want to follow.



Credit: Brendon Burchard