Koeman aims to bring Kangan big success

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Ronald Koeman, the new coach of the Netherlands national team Hopes to lead the home team forward to win the trophy in the second round of the return to control after Louis van Gaal, for the first time, has not won any championships, therefore wants to prove himself again

Dutch boss Ronald Koeman says he wants to prove himself in his second spell in charge of the Netherlands by leading the Netherlands  to great success. After being referred to as a new trainer On Monday, January 23, the past Ready to confirm to return to the traditional way of playing with charm and mainly focusing on offensive games with a base of 4 defenders

Koeman aims to bring Kangan big success

The 59-year-old was the head coach of the Orange Turbine between 2018 and 2020, leading the team through Euro 2020 qualifying and reaching the UEFA Nations League final in 2019, but lost 1-0 to Portugal . Unfortunately, he later resigned to manage Barcelona in the Spanish La Liga in the summer of 2020, but was unsuccessful. Fired from office October 2021 

Then, on Wednesday, April 6, 2022, the Dutch Football Association or KNVB officially announced that it was the new national team boss from 2023. By agreeing to sign a contract for 3 years together or until 2026 after Louis van Gaal completed the mission to control the 3rd team in the 2022 World Cup.

“I want to show that “I have been able to become a successful coach and be successful at major tournaments,” said Koeman . “Starting with the Nations League in June, the Netherlands hosts a quarter-final with Croatia, Italy and Spain. While qualifying for the European Championships It will start in March.” 

The former Everton boss also admitted that the team will return to playing in a familiar system. Play beautiful, charming football, focusing on attacking games, but sticking to the basic principles of 4 defenders. As for the UFABET question of having to talk to Van Gaal, who has changed the plan to play after 3 people, he hasn’t done it yet. And I don’t think that’s interesting either. He has his own ideas and experiences. He did not think it was necessary to do so.