Types of players in poker

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The Prefix Is ​​Divided Into 2 Strings Tight – Loose.

Tight Players Are Players Who Rarely Put Their Hands Into Play. Often A Good Hand With An Advantage
. Loose Players Are Players Who Put Their Hands Into Play Many Times. And It’s Usually From Good To Bad.

Types of players in poker

The Trailing Word Is Divided Into 2 Lines, Aggressive.Passive.

Aggressive Players Primarily Focus On Betting And Raising As Aggressive Players.
Compared To The Ball As An Offensive-Style Team To Score Goals , Passive Players Mainly Focus On Checking And Calling As Defensive Players Compared To The Ball As A Defensive And Counter -Attack Style UFABET Team To Score Goals.

There Are 4 Styles Of Playing. Anyone Who Wants To Know What Strings They Play And Wants To Try Changing Their Playing Strings, Try To See If It Really Is.
And What Type Of Player Is Suitable For Playing, Which Line Is The Best? Now Let’s Try To Go Into The Details Of Each Line A Little Better.

Tight-Aggressive (TAG)-(Tricky)

Be A Patient Player Who Doesn’t Play Many Hands. They Usually Choose To Play Really Good Hands. These Are People Who Are Patient And Can Only Wait For The Really Good Opportunity. Most Of Them Are Not Afraid Of Bets Or Raises. Most Players Squat And Don’t Really Want To Play With Them. If The Opponent Starts Not Playing Well With Us, The Profit Will Be Much Less. Because It Takes A Long Time To Wait For The Cards There Are No Cards To Play. If Starting To Get Caught, Should Change The Play Line So That Other People Who Look At Us Change.

Loose-Aggressive (LAG)-(Maniac)

Be The Most Profitable Agile Player Of All Lines. But Also The Most Risky, With Players Of This Line Being Good Or Not Good It Depends On The Skill Of Reading The Other Party’s Cards. Playing This Line Makes It Difficult For Other Players To Read Us. When Most Players Play The TAG Line And Start Getting Caught, They Tend To Switch To This Line And Play TGA Again. This Line Uses Chips As A Weapon To Attack And Pressure The Opponent. Most Of The Good Poker Players Who Make Money In The Long Run Play This Game.

Tight-Passive (Rock)

Players Of This Type Are Generally Beginner Players. Because It Is A Play That Is Afraid Of Losing Money, Does Not Dare To Raise At The Right Time, Most Players Of This Line Tend To Fold Easier Than Other Lines. Players In This Line Tend To Lose Money In The Long Run, But Sometimes It’s A Good Idea To Play This Line To Keep The Chip Calm After A Bad Beat, Or If You Can Rest Your Mind, It’s A Better Idea.

Loose-Passive (Calling Station)

Players Of This Type Often Choose Strange Cards Or Often Call To Win Something Strange. But When These Strange Cards Get Stuck, Something Comes Up. It’s Always Difficult To Predict, With This Line Using The Most Luck. But There Is Still An Opportunity To Make A Profit If This Line Of Players Is Lucky Enough.